Buan Consulting announces alliance with Bearsolutions, LLC

#6Buan Consulting, a SteelBrick Certified Implementation Partner and Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance Partner, has partnered with Bearsolutions LLC, to provide effective charter school solutions. Bearsolutions, LLC is a Maryland-based strategy and management consulting firm specializing in services to public charter schools and their authorizers.

Bearsolutions, LLC collaborates with authorizers to develop solutions for effective charter school financial oversight and provides a Salesforce-based reporting system that evaluates the financial health of schools. School management and trustees are instructed on proven ways to use financial reporting for operational and governance purposes. Bearsolutions’ and Buan Consulting’s partnership will provide charter schools and authorizers with solutions and integrated software to meet the full spectrum of complex operational challenges.

“With Bearsolutions’ subject matter expertise and Buan Consulting’s technical expertise with Salesforce.com rapid development tools, together we will be able to provide much needed value to the charter school systems,” said Dan Buan, CEO, Buan Consulting.

“This alliance with Buan Consulting provides additional resources and expertise in support of our clients and expands our capability to provide innovative solutions to a wider, national public charter school community,” said Dennis Keilholtz, Managing Partner, Bearsolutions, LLC.

For more information about the products, services and solutions that Buan Consulting provides, visit http://www.buanconsulting.com.

About Buan Consulting
Buan Consulting is an experienced, award-winning team of Salesforce CRM experts headquartered outside of Washington, D.C. in Annapolis, MD. As a Salesforce.com Silver Cloud Alliance Partner, Buan offers strategic consulting for CPQ, along with CRM development services and products for businesses looking to streamline processes, track data and garner powerful insights. In fifteen years, Buan Consulting has implemented over 450 Salesforce solutions for clients in industries that span the commercial, government, economic development, IT and construction sectors. For more information, visit http://www.buanconsulting.com.

About Bearsolutions, LLC
Founded in 2007, Bearsolutions, LLC is a Maryland-based strategy and management consulting firm specializing in services to public charter schools and their authorizers. We work with senior leaders to enable change by providing innovative solutions that drive transformation. With focus on liquidity, financial performance, and cash flows, our financial oversight model and supporting database application provide operational tools to bridge the gap between financial reporting and governance action. For more information about Bearsolutions, LLC, visit http://www.bearsolutionsllc.net.

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