Bearsolutions’ First Blog – Rules of the Game

#3Founded in 2007, bearsolutions LLC is a Maryland-based strategy and management consulting firm specializing in services to public charter schools and their authorizers.  While that describes what we do, it doesn’t begin to get at the heart and soul of bearsolutions.  We’re Dennis Keilholtz, Founder and Managing Partner, known to his friends as Smiling Bear; and Harry Schwarz, Engagement Partner, often referred to as The Professor.

We’ve been working together for 12 years, in higher education and charter schools, because we do good work together and have fun in the process.  Dennis has a background in external and internal auditing, still keeps a desk calendar, and tends to be the architect of financial modelling we do. Harry is a licensed social worker, the resident computer geek, and engineers the database and reporting.  We provide innovative solutions to charter schools and authorizers that drive transformation, and we are passionate about it.

This blog is an offering to share what we have learned over the years, and an invitation to partner with us in a conversation about effective charter school financial management and oversight. We intend to tackle the complex operational and compliance challenges faced by charter schools, as well as the oversight responsibilities of authorizers.  Given who we are, you can expect an informed discussion on a wide variety of issues.  Given that we work with senior leaders to “execute change”, the bearsolutions blog community is indeed diverse and stellar talent.  Together we can solve any issue that we tackle.

We expect that the conversation will be respectful and to the point.  Comments may only be posted with people’s real name and affiliation.  And we welcome suggestions for future blog posts and offers of guest blogs.

A red-letter day for bearsolutions – our first blog post.  May we journey well!

Dennis and Harry

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