School Services

Training and Consultation

Bearsolutions LLC is committed to helping charter schools meet the complex operational and compliance challenges to be successful. We provide training and consultation to assist public charter schools in linking planning, assessment, and budgeting to achieve their vision and goals. The result is a common approach to financial health among the Board, Executive Management, the residual role of Founders, CMO/EMO entities, independent auditors, and oversight authorities; providing for rich conversation around the numbers.
Training and consultation are offered in the following areas to help charter schools stay together financially.

  • Business Plans
  • Budgeting and Financial Reporting
  • Internal Controls Design
  • Facilities Financing
  • Organizational Structure
  • Management / Board Responsibilities

CHARM Review

An inexpensive, individualized School report can be provided using the CHARM Customer Cloud application to assist management and Board to understand the fiscal health of the School.  The CHARM Review, based on audited financial statements and comparison with industry standards, includes:

  • Financial Snapshot that provides a profile of the School for the current and prior year
  • Financial Dashboard, including key measures of School financial health and CHARM Score
  • Financial Audit Summary that highlights auditor findings and other observations on the financial statements
  • Trending Measures that provide further insight into the School’s current financial condition
  • Recommendations of actions needed by those charged with governance of the school



& Advisory Services

Bearsolutions enables authorizers & overseers to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities by helping them establish strategic vision, engage stakeholders, communicate financial standards, and implement a reporting system that evaluates the financial health of schools.

(Charter Audit Resource Management)

Proven cloud-based IT application that measures and evaluates charter school fiscal performance, identifies outliers, and provides guidance to areas of concern. Provides secure data warehousing of current and historical information about schools, auditors, audits, and audit results.

to Charter Schools

Bearsolutions assists charter schools to link planning, assessment, and budgeting to achieve their vision and goals. Management and trustees are instructed on proven ways to use financial reporting for operational and governance purposes. We provide guidance based on experience.