CHARM™ Customer Cloud

MapReaderThe CHARM Customer Cloud is a relational database hosted by that collates uniform data from audited financial statement to measure charter school fiscal performance and financial health (see CHARM home page). Designed by bearsolutions LLC specifically for charter school oversight, CHARM provides a road map for authorizers and trustees to translate audit results into concrete guidance that is straightforward and practical. It provides easy access to information about schools, auditors, audits, and audit results.


  • Automatic calculation of industry-standard financial dashboard indicators for each school
  • Automatic calculation of the CHARM Score, an aggregate measure of financial health
  • Individual school financial report cards, with recommendations for collaborative governance         (see sample)
  • Identification of Related Party, CMO/EMO, and Facility financial transactions


  • Real-time reporting of school data as it is received and uploaded to the CHARM database
  • Fast access to key audit and pertinent school information from wherever you are
  • Secure warehousing of all current and historical information, including Audits and other documents
  • Summary analysis and standard reporting at the touch of a button

The CHARM Customer Cloud is a field-tested financial reporting system, currently used by the DC authorizer (60 schools) and holding five years of audited financial information.  The application is scalable for large or small authorizers and is available in two versions, depending on authorizer budget and resources.  Both versions use the standard Salesforce cloud-based platform.



& Advisory Services

Bearsolutions enables authorizers & overseers to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities by helping them establish strategic vision, engage stakeholders, communicate financial standards, and implement a reporting system that evaluates the financial health of schools.

(Charter Audit Resource Management)

Proven cloud-based IT application that measures and evaluates charter school fiscal performance, identifies outliers, and provides guidance to areas of concern. Provides secure data warehousing of current and historical information about schools, auditors, audits, and audit results.

to Charter Schools

Bearsolutions assists charter schools to link planning, assessment, and budgeting to achieve their vision and goals. Management and trustees are instructed on proven ways to use financial reporting for operational and governance purposes. We provide guidance based on experience.